You are not a drop in the Ocean......You are the mighty Ocean in the drop -Rumi
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    A tale about a fish

    A tale about a fish


    Once upon a time a baby fish asked an older, larger fish about the sea.

    "What is the sea?" he asked. "I keep hearing about it, but I don't know what it is."

    "Why the sea is all around you, little one", said the grown up fish.

    "If that is so, why can't I see it?" asked the young fish.

    "Because it is everywhere. It surrounds you. It's inside and outside of you. You were born in the sea and you will die in the sea. What's more, you yourself are th life of the sea. When you swim you reveal its presence.  It's just because it's so close to you that it's very hard to see. But don't worry, it is here."


    - Rade Martin and Manuela Soares, One Hand Clapping

    This Blessed Virus...

    This Blessed Virus...

     In the west we go "Panic, panic, panic - I cannot control anything", but the Buddhists say "Relax - I cannot control anything". And now we are living in this strange and unprecedented time of panic, when there is confusion about everything that was familiar to us, our lives, our education, our future, it is time to relax. This might sound counter intuitive but it is in reality the only thing that we can do. We can relax and be present. We can connect more with each other, with ourselves and with our spiritual practices if we have one. It is a time when we can either be 'fighting' or we can be focused on ourselves and that which is important to us.

    Never before (and hopefully never again) in history has the whole world stopped like this. It is a moment of profound stillness when everyone on the planet is doing the same as you - rich and poor, powerful and humble, black and brown. We are all at home, doing things that one does at home. The simple and yet profound things of just being. Being alive, being present and being in the moment.

    It is very important that at this time you see the positives and not fall into fear thinking.  Fear at the present time is playing a  great part in intensifying the disease. Having dread for the disease, is not good for your immunity. Focusing on the fear will have a negative effect on our mentality, which will cause disharmony in our physical and vibrational bodies and thus makes us susceptible to the virus. 

    In the worst epidemics only a proportion of those exposed to infection will be attacked, and if we go about relaxed and calm with our emotions in balance then our bodies are better defended by invasion.

    So relax, do not focus on the virus or the media stories of it, rather distract yourself with doing things that enrich and empower you - so that you can come out of the lockdown with new skills and with a positive and strong outlook.