You are not a drop in the Ocean......You are the mighty Ocean in the drop -Rumi
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    Nature's Zen

    Emotional Wellbeing Consultations


    Feel good, feel happy, feel free.

          All emotions are true and real. We are human being and being human means that we constantly experience a wide range of emotions depending on the situations we find ourselves in and our ability to control and manage those situations. So it is OK to be angry or vengeful, delighted or stimulated. This is all good. However, when the emotions start to be more then they should, we begin to feel out of balance and things are 'not quite right'.

    You begin to feel unhappy, anxious and concerned.

          Sometimes this happens so subtly that you do not notice it happening, just one day you realise that you are very discontent with your life, you have lost your voice, you feel alone, you keep doing that which you don't want to do. You are not happy, your relationships are not harmonious and you cannot remember the last time you felt joy.

    Well help is at hand.


          You can talk about your concerns AND get a treatment to help you get back to feeling your normal self.

          It is good to talk and by talking we are able to see what is actually going on at the moment. In an Emotional Wellness Consultation we don't do any digging trying to find the root of anything. We don't ask you to do weird things or get you to do strange actions. We merely sit and listen while you talk about the things that you are facing and what is bothering you. 

          Then we talk together about what will help you to overcome some of your problems and I offer you some suggestions and you can say, yes you think that is a good idea or no that doesn't seem quite right to you.

          I will say things such as "It sounds like you could do with a bit more confidence to speak your truth?" And if that feels right and you would like some more confidence, then I will put the remedy Larch into your treatment bottle. 

          Then over the next 3 weeks Larch will work its magic and boost your confidence enabling you to say what you want, or need, to say.

           We can put up to 6 remedies in the treatment bottle up to 6 remedies - so we can not only boost your confidence, but also, say, help you feel good about your body; protect you from the influence of others; take away your fears about the future.

          Some of the remedies work immediately, and some of them take a while to work their magic. As long as you take your 4 drops, 4 times a day the remedies will be working to take away the negative emotions and to boost the positive emotions. And that is all you have to do. No rethinking the way you are, or trying not to do something you always do, or make copious notes. Nothing, simply let the remedies do the work for you. Sounds good doesn't it?!


          Then after 21 days when your bottle will be almost finished, we have another meeting. Here we discuss how you are now feeling and how it is different from your first meeting. Many people are surprised at how things have changed in such a short space of time. We see which remedies have worked and if you want to continue with those remedies or maybe you don't need one or two of them anymore as you are feeling totally confident and happy but still need work with one of the things that was concerning you. We can put new remedies in the treatment bottle which you will have for another 21 days.

          So, in 40 days a completely new you, or rather you being the true and authentic unique you who, is emotionally balanced and lives in harmony with all your friends, family and community.

          If you are shy, or live far away, we don't even have to meet in person, we can talk via Skype or Zoom or you can send me an email with your situation and I can make a remedy to help you.



    Peter wanted to be able to express what he thought and felt. However, he just      did not know if what he thought and felt was good enough. So he never said anything and hid behind Jake who seemed to have all the confidence in the world and everyone really seemed to like him. However he didn't really like Jake as he was always making him do things that he did not want to do. And because he never said 'No', Jake was making him do more and more things that he felt uncomfortable with. But Peter felt, if he did not do these things then nobody would like him and he would be lonely.

    Working with Peter we agreed that he needs to have some protection from the influence of others so I put Walnut in his treatment bottle, we also decided that Centaury would help him to stand up and say 'No' when he felt he as asked to do something was uncomfortable with. Some Larch was put in the bottle to boost his self esteem, and a couple of drops of Minimus which would help him with his fear of being unliked and lonely. We also put in a few drops of Crab Apple to help him to feel good about himself.

    When I met Peter for his second consultation he told me that he is no longer hanging out with Jake. He realised that being with Jake was not good for him. He said that he was feeling better about himself and more confident and this is why he decided to try and find a new group of people. He said that he was still scared of being lonely, but he would rather be lonely then be doing something that he knew was wrong. As Peter was really happy with how the remedies were working for him and so I made a new 21 day treatment bottle for him with the same remedies.


        Talking about your specific problems and situations, in a safe and confidential environment with the support of a qualified practitioner who will create a Bach Flower Remedy treatment bottle just for you, is one of the most powerful ways you can help yourself. There is a flower remedy for every emotion, no matter small and combined they work on so many levels to make you feel you again.

          When you are balanced and in align with your true self the world belongs to you.

          So start your wellbeing goals today with a Bach Flower Therapy Consultation and start to see improvements almost immediately.

    You can call Cecile on 01202280031 to book an appointment or book via Nature's Zen Face book page.


    Consultations can be in person or via Skype or simply with an email request.

    £40 for first consultation including your 21 day remedy mix

    £35 for follow up consultation including another 21 day remedy mix.

    Skype consultations £3.50 extra for portable and packing of Remedy Bottle

    Email consultations £20 + £5 remedy mix and £3.50 postage and packing.


    "When you realise that nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you." Lau Tzu