You are not a drop in the Ocean......You are the mighty Ocean in the drop -Rumi
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    Essential Oils

    Essential Oils

    Essential Oils are exactly that – essential for everyday living and wellbeing. From getting a good night’s sleep, to killing that spot that has just appeared on your forehead.

    Take the leap with essential oils. They aren’t hype or a fad as they have been around forever. Frankincense was a gift from the wise man to the baby Jesus and today it is used to help calm nerves, rejuvenating your senses and spark creativity.  

    Essential oils are becoming more popular by the day because of how amazingly useful they are and how effective they are to improve your mood and wellbeing.

    Here are some of their uses:

    Skin is breaking out and you can’t bear to go out in public 

    Take 1-2 drops of tea tree oil and place directly on the breakout. The results will surprise you! If you suffer from non-cystic acne breakouts make a DIY tea tree oil toner. Simply mix 20 drops tea tree oil with 2 ounces witch hazel. Apply nightly to your face using a cotton ball.

    This is another one I love for radiant skin…

    6 drops of frankincense, 4 drops of lavender, 4 drops of tea tree, 6 drops of myrrh in 2 tablespoons of coconut oil

    Support your sleep

    Mix 1-2 drops of lavender with 2-3 drops of coconut oil or olive oil and rub on the bottoms of the feet before bedtime.

    Diffuse 1 drop frankincense and 1 drop lavender before bedtime or in the room during the night to promote a good solid night’s sleep.

    Improve your mood

    Mix 1-2 drops of joy essential oil with 4 drops coconut oil and rub over your heart to elevate mood.


    Support emotional balance in toddlers hack. 

    For younger kids throwing fits, diffuse 3 drops lavender or peace and calming support a more relaxing environment and promote a balanced mood. It’s pretty amazing how well a few drops in the air works for kids. Check out this list of calming essential oils for more on this!

    Can’t wake up in the morning hack. 

    Diffuse 4-5 drops of peppermint or add a drop of peppermint vitality to a glass of water in the morning. 1 drop of peppermint mixed with 4 drops coconut oil and applied to the temples or back of the neck is invigorating.


    20 drops peppermint

    20 drops orange

    40 drops coconut oil

    Roll on


    What is an Essential Oil?

    Uplifting essential oils

    Bergamot has a really beautiful aroma that can help lift our mood and focus the mind. Look for ‘bergapten-free’ on the label as this will have had certain compounds removed which may cause skin sensitivities.

    Mandarin essential oil is used by aromatherapists as a general tonic to help with stress and tension and has a delightfully cheering fragrance. You can also add it to massage blends to help boost circulation and reduce water retention.

    Lavender, with its comforting, soothing scent, is perhaps the most useful of all essential oils and definitely a must for the first-aid box. It has a gentle balancing action which is reputed to be able to either calm or stimulate depending on what is needed. Lavender oil has so many uses, as it also antiseptic, which makes it the perfect ingredient for a relaxing, cleansing facial steam.

    Lemon essential oil has a wonderfully zesty, sharp and refreshing aroma and is a traditional antiseptic and purifier. It is also useful for helping to clear blemished skin – add a few drops to a bowl of hot water and then put your face over it while you take slow deep breaths.

    Ylang ylang has a powerfully sweet, exotic and heady fragrance, similar to jasmine and is reputed to help calm the nervous system during times of depression, stress and overwork. Too much of this potent oil can sometimes cause headaches so be careful not to overdo it, but a few drops can really help to lift spirits.

    Blissful bath blends

    Let the blues float away by adding four drops of lemon and four drops ylang ylang to a warm bath just before you step in for the ideal, quick pick-me-up. Or if you need a little extra get up and go, try adding four drops of mandarin together with four drops of bergamot to the bathtub to feel wonderfully refreshed and rejuvenated.

    Room revitaliser

    Add six drops of lemon, two drops of lavender and two drops of bergamot to a burner or diffuser to bring a fresh outdoor scent into your home and make spirits soar.

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