You are not a drop in the Ocean......You are the mighty Ocean in the drop -Rumi
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    Potent Pebbles

    Potent Pebbles

    Potent Pebbles

    We are passionate about helping you to feel great about yourself and we know that these power pebbles will help you to achieve that goal.

    This is because, these beautiful stones, which have been picked up off our beach in the South of England are a symbol of solidity, stability and of being grounded.

    Each pebble carries a huge and unique history. In their journey from being pulled from their source, and defying the forces of gravity, to be washed up in their perfect form, they carry the energy of luck, energy and long life.

    These little pockets of energy anchor you to the ground and help you to be in the moment.

    “We have forgotten what rocks and plants still know – we have forgotten how to be – to be still – to be ourselves – to be where life is here and now.”

    ~Eckhart Tolle

     Connecting with stone-energy provides deeper meaning:

    Time, Weight, Subtly, Silence, Memory, Stability, Rooted, Matter, Patience, Strength, Consistency, Anchoring, Immovable, Grounding, Permanence, Fundamental, Foundational.

    Stones are historical vessels as they are synonymous with the passage of time. They have been around for eons 'squatting in their moist muddy nests for thousands, even millions of years. If we apply the rule of energy (meaning: Energy never expires, but is always present), we can retrieve ancient recollections via stones."

    We carry these ancient recollections with us when we carry a pebble. Each one has its own history and own memory and it radiants the powerful and potent energy of Mother Earth. Solid and protective, they comfort us.

    They calm our scattered energies and holding one when we feel distracted, will focus our energy, as it taps into gravity and gives us the safety of the solidness and stability of the earth.

    As our world is interconnected, our physical and energetic bodies will begin to resonate with the grounding effect of the stone and soon our energies begin to feel solid, stable and vibrant. 

    Stones, pebbles, rocks, holders and mountains are universally appreciated. Signifying never-changing, always-present strength and the concept of security, dependability and protection, from ancient Chinese to modern lyrics stones are symbolic of support, strength and longevity.

    In Japan rock gardens are created for the purpose of inciting meditation, and calmness - they are portals to transport ourselves into a state of Zen.

    That’s the power of Nature, we can tap into big energy by linking with a smaller version. So a pebble has the same symbolic and energetic dynamics as a boulder or a mountain, and we can experience ‘big mountain juju’ from the tiniest of stones because they share the same energy. Incredible no?

    Adding positive affirmations to these powerful energies adds another dimension giving you a potency and power to return to our true selves and to be in harmony with the earth, imbuing the wisdom of the Earth itself.

    Get your potent pebbles today!