You are not a drop in the Ocean......You are the mighty Ocean in the drop -Rumi
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    Calm Anxiety, Relax, and Quieten your Mind by Breathing through your Feet

    This is a breathing technique called Breathing Through Your Sole which is easy to do and helps relieve anxiety, releases muscle tension and resets your mind.

    It creates a space in your head, which allows you to calm your thoughts and be back in control.

    You can do it anywhere, anytime. Good before school or work, before going to bed, and any time in between. Especially useful when you are beginning to feel wobbly.

    The more you practice the easier it becomes, and soon it will become a habit and keep you balanced.

    Breathing Through Your Sole - long version

    1. Sit in a chair with your back straight and supported, keep your feet flat against the floor. Close your eyes if you can otherwise you can keep your eyes open.
    2. Relax your body and allow the chair to support your weight. Bring your awareness to the soles of your feet resting against the floor. Feel your back, hips, and thighs making contact with the chair.
    3. Inhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth five times. Let the breaths be slow and deep. Be aware of your stomach and lungs expanding on the inhale.
    4. Next, inhale through the soles of your feet. Breathe up the energy from the earth, balancing and grounding and let the breath enter all the cells of your body, warm and soothing, entering your lungs.  As you exhale, again from your lungs through the bottom of your feel, exhale stress and fatigue. Continue this for about two minutes. Breathing calm and warm energy in through your soles, and breathing out stagnant energy and any tension. Feel the air coming up and going out.
    5. Now breath in the air to fill your ankles and lower legs, and as you exhale let all the fatigue and tension leave your ankles and lower legs.
    6. Continue up your body, breathe warmth, and energy into your knees and thighs, breath out stress and tension.
    7. Breathe in the air filling your pelvis and your buttocks with light, soothing air and breath out letting all the tension be released.
    8. Breathe in to your stomach and the small of your back filling it with grounding air, breath out the tension.
    9. Breathe through your feet into your chest, breath out down your feet.
    10. Bring the breathe up now right to your upper back, shoulders and neck, as ou breathe out let it all relax as the energy goes out through your feet.
    11. Next breathe into your arms, elbows, lower arms, wrists, hand and fingers and then let the breath move all the way back down your body, taking with it all the tension and stress.
    12. Breathe in and full your throat, tongue, jaw, mouth and nose, breathe out all the way down to your feet, letting everything relax. 
    13. Now breathe all the way from your feet and up into the very top of your head, filling your brain and ears and scalp with the grounding energy and then let the breath fall all the way out the bottom of your feet.


    Begin breathing normally, and imagine that your entire body is filled with a gentle, healing soft-gold light.

    You will now have created space in your mind and the soothing energy will keep you calm throughout the day.

    When you are ready, let your awareness go back to the physical environment, rest for a moment giving gratitude, open your eyes, stretch and go about your daily business. 

    Later, if you notice anxiety or tension returning, enjoy a slow deep breath and again visualize warm, tranquil golden light filling and relaxing your mind and body.


    Breathing Through Your Sole - Quick version

    If you find yourself in an anxious situation or are feeling tension or depression rising, then you can reset yourself quickly by doing a shortened version of the Breathing though your Sole.

    Just stop where you are, place your feet firmly on the ground, send your roots down into the ground so you are anchored.

    1. Breathe in through your feet and bring up the soothing energy into your lungs, breath out back down your feet.

    2. Do this a couple of times.

    3. Then breathe in the golden light from the soles of your feet and bring it right up to the top of your head. Breath out though your mouth and let all the tension fall down through the bottom of your feet.

    Repeat this a couple of times. 

    You will now have created a bit of space in your mind and will be able to deal with the situation you are in.

    Just breathe!