You are not a drop in the Ocean......You are the mighty Ocean in the drop -Rumi
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    You are unique and beautiful.

    You have amazing qualities and are a truly wonderful and special person.

    There is no one else in the world who is exactly like you.

    Being true to yourself is true happiness.

    When we are balance and harmonious and confident with who we are - we are unstoppable, all is possible and all is well.

    Sadly, too often we loose sight of this - or we have never had the opportunity to find who we really are.

    And this is our life's purpose, to find who we are and to live an authentic life.

    Being you is the only way to true health, happiness, joy, peace and harmony. 

    It is the key to a good life.

    Lets face it, life is pretty tricky. We always come up against new challenges, new situations which we have to navigate and survive. And that is the exterior.  Internally we are constantly confronted with our own crazy thoughts and feelings. "I'm not good enough", "Do I look cool?", "What will such and such think?", "What on earth am I supposed to do?"

    It is very easy to get lost in all of this. Unsure how to behave, finding yourself in a position that you never wanted to be in, forgetting what lie you told which person, not quite feeling right. And then you become a little loose from your securings, but that is OK, you can handle this. And the something else happens and knocks you a little more off course, and then you begin to feel little jittery, but it is OK. And then you find that actually you cannot look someone in the eye, or begin to avoid another person, but its OK. Then, things become a little more confusing, and to grip onto reality you reach out for something to secure you, to ground you, to anchor you, and that is OK. A puff here, a small glass there, a quick tab. It's OK you can handle it.

    And then it is not OK.


    Anchor and wings


    We believe that there is either fear or love.  

    When we live our life from a place of fear, we are not true to ourselves and we stop living an authentic life and we suffer. If we begin to live our lives from a place of love, then we are in harmony and all good comes to us. 

    An anchor is not only 'a heavy metal object with curved barbed arms attached by a chain to a ship or boat used to moor the vessel to the ocean floor.'

    It is also 'something which provides stability or confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation'.

    The anchor is one of the most universal objects. It has been used throughout the world, and for all of history. The invention, very similar to the one we use now, but with only one arm (originally called 'teeth') has been attributed to King Midas of Phrygia. The two armed anchor called ankura and from which we have the name, was used by the Ancient Greeks in 400 B.C. Since then, in various forms, it has been securing vessels both small and large, protecting them them from the wild and unpredictable environment. 

    And metaphorically, the anchor has been used as a symbol of steadfastness since the early Romans. In literature, art and poetry the Anchor has been used to ensure that we 'hold fast' during emotional, unstable and confusing times and we can remain steadfast during our weakest and most trying experiences. No matter how chaotic the emotions that are tossing themselves around us, we maintain stability, firmness and tranquility.  

    And with this we can rise to our own personal expression, rise to 'Be Me', supported by our emotions, uniqueness, knowledge and intuition.  

    And this is why Ocean Red has an anchor in its logo. To remind us that at all times we need to be anchored. We need to be rooted to the earth. We are connected and part of the universe, and when we are not securely tethered we are without the firm foundation on which to grow, and flourish. We need to be stable, to be free.

    And the wings?

    Well we all need wings to fly....