You are not a drop in the Ocean......You are the mighty Ocean in the drop -Rumi
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    Ocean Red believes that everyone in the world is connected and that a little act of kindness in one place can have great repercussions elsewhere. We are sharing our kindness with teenagers and young people in two areas: orphanage leavers in Russia, and single teenage mothers in Zimbabwe. Both of these groups of people have great meaning for us and we thank you in for helping us to help them.

    The Genesis Project

    Love Russia's Genesis project offers love, guidance, help and hope to Russian children who have leave their orphanage on their 16th birthday. After that time the Russian Government no longer takes care of them and they have to make their own way in the world - with little more then the clothes on their back. This tough, tough non-option means that many teenagers do not survive. They have no where to live, no qualifications to get a job and many turn to crime to survive.

    The Genesis Project helps orphanage leavers to care for themselves, train for qualifications and skills and gives them the tools to live independently. With Love Russia's help orphanage leavers have become electricians, dressmakers, chefs, builders, teachers and even lawyers.  

    Each year, the Genesis Project helps up to 100 teenagers, for a period of 3 years, to go through collage. The future for these young people is very optimistic. It costs only £22 to support a young person each month. This provides a mentor, education, life skills, a bursary for food, travel and living costs and a solid foundation for a better future.


    Ocean Red would like to support 2 students each year - so any help you can offer will radically change someone else's life. 

    Thank you! You are a better person for helping someone less better off then yourself.


    We are absolutely delighted to be helping single teen moms in Zimbabwe who are struggling to make ends meet. Zimbabweans are great crafts people and are natural artists so of course it was an easy choice to see who could make some of our bracelets.


    Freejoy is a single mum who lives outside of Harare in a house that has no running water. She is mum to 15 month old Quincy. Freejoy and a few of her friends are getting together to create our bracelets and in this way are able to earn some money and at the same time take care of their children. We thank you for supporting these brave women and their children will benefit from your generous help.