You are not a drop in the Ocean......You are the mighty Ocean in the drop -Rumi
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    Motivation is a word that is bantered around a lot - but what actually is it?

    Motivation is the push from something that feels uncomfortable, towards the pull of something you desire. You will not move, unless staying where you are at the moment, becomes more painful then then the fear of getting up and going for what you want.

    So it is more then mere words. 


    Make things happen


    Take for example something simple: wanting a cup of hot chocolate while you are watching TV. You are of the sofa enjoying TV, when the thought of hot chocolate comes into your mind. You will remain seated on the sofa, until the desire for the hot chocolate becomes great.  Your mum gets up and you ask her to make you a cup of chocolate. She can't as she is off to do something else. So you will either remain on the sofa, where you are comfortable and it doesn't really matter if you have the delicious drink or not. Or after a few minutes, the thought of that beverage is calling you, so you get up to go and make yourself some. The pain of wanting the  chocolate has outweighed the discomfort of getting up to make some.

    It is as simple as that. 

    Sometimes though, the push and the pull are even, and then you begin to get confused. Do I stay, or do I go? How much do I really want the hot chocolate? The first grade? The part time job? To go to the party? Etc.

    There are several ways for handling this.

    First it is a good idea to write things down. The act of writing is quite magic in that it solidifies the ideas and seeing them in black and white one is able to make more sense of the options. Write a Pro and Con table and see if the answer comes this way.

    There is a saying from the North that says "If in doubt, nought." So if there is a slight hesitation, then do not do it. Trust in the saying and make your decision based on the fact that you do not know for sure, and therefore it is unwise to choose that option.

    I say listen to your heart, and your intuition. If it doesn't feel right, then it is not right. Too often we don't listen to our internal knowledge and try and rationalise away our inner feelings. This is one of the lessons that once learnt, and adhered to, will hold you in good stead the whole of your lives. The principle of this is that you inherently know what is right for you, so you trust your intuition and let it guide you. In this way you can never go wrong.

    You can also take the flower remedy Sclerntherus. This remedy is perfect for unblocking obstacles of uncertainty that prevent you from moving forward. This is particular for trying to choose between two options, this or that. The properties of this flower allow the mind to stop fighting and allows one solution to rise above the other. Allowing you to progress.

    So if you want to achieve some goal, and you find that the pull is not as strong as you would like and the push is too gentle - start to work on these areas. Work towards tipping the balance.

    Remember always that the smallest shift can make a huge difference.


    Just deciding to make a change is the start of something big.

    So say you want to improve your marks in Physics, but you just cannot be bothered, it feels like too much effort. You have to start making it so uncomfortable to 'not be bothered', and so exciting to have improved your physics, that the scales tip and you are motivated to improve your physics.

    This can be achieved by doing the smallest things. Set 3 minutes aside to organise your Physics stuff. Thats all. This is the 3% rule. Just to something slightly more then you usually do. 3 minutes to find your books, mark them up, find a place for them and put them in order. That is it, you have already made the shift and to be honest 3 minutes work was not too bad. And every day you do that 3 minutes. Mark the pages in your book that you need to learn. Done. Next day, get some cards and write down the areas you need to focus on, one on each card. Next day, pick up one card, and write 3 lines about the subject. The following day, the next card, and so on. Get out a large piece of paper and write a big "Physics' in the middle and circle it. Next put the titles of each of the cards around the big circle and link with arrows. From the 3 lines - select on word from each line, and draw an arrow from the title to the 3 points!  


    You are now well on the way to improving your Physics. You are motivated as you are seeing the benefits.

    And this is where the magic happens - there is a thing called The Tipping Point.

    This is the point where you no longer have to make an effort, all your previous efforts have shifted the balance and now you are in the groove of working on your Physics every day for a few minutes and you are in a good positive habit that will enhance your grades and improve your life. Good positive habits are the acts that really define you and will bring about your greatest success.