You are not a drop in the Ocean......You are the mighty Ocean in the drop -Rumi
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    Ocean Red Mighty Ocean


    "You are not a drop in the Ocean, you are the mighty Ocean in the drop" - Rumi.

    We have taken this beautiful and powerful expression as our motto for Ocean Red.

    Everyone of us, and that includes you, contain within us all that is the mighty ocean - the depths, the power, the vibrancy, the beauty, the relentlessness, the stillness, the destructiveness. The roaring and pounding, the gentle lapping, the quiet spray. Within us we have the same creative potential that births and maintains a myriad of creatures and our hearts have the same resource as the waves which continue to beat and pound the shore, never failing and never ending.

    All that is the soul of the Ocean, is the soul in us too.

    And we are also human, and to be human is to have emotions. Sometimes these emotions over power us. The Red mist descends, we see Red when angered, we get Red faced when embarrassed, and get caught Red handed. Sometimes we are in the Red, our blood is Red and love and passion are Red. 

    Emotions are good, wonderful, exciting and engaging. However when they get out of balance, they can begin to bring disharmony into our lives.

    We begin to feel uncomfortable, uncertain and unwell.

    We are not the confident, happy person who we really are.

    We feel a disconnect between our true selves and who we have become.

    Shame, embarrassment, control, defeat, depression, anger, frustration, irritation, dependency, not been good enough, guilt, low self-esteem, lack of hope and other negative emotions, move us away from our natural intuition and into a state of suffering.

    When we are not in touch with our innermost nature, which is to be balanced, harmonious and joyful, we begin to loose our direction and we loose our anchor, and we begin to drift. 

    Ocean Red is about making sure that you can experience all the rich emotions of being human - without loosing your true personal path in life.

    To be human its to live in harmony, without envy and harm, with yourself, others and with nature. Our essential inner balance and unity is reflected in a state of balance with other people and the universe. As soon as this is out of balance you begin to feel a discord. Something is not quite right.

    Our true nature is to love, be loved, be wise, be true to ourselves, to be free.

    To follow our own path, to grow and to be connected.

    To reach our higher self.

    To achieve this we not need to suppress our negative emotions but rather bring them into equilibrium with all our other emotions. Thus lower your negative emotions and increase your positive feelings.

    Feel more pride and less guilt; 

    Love more, hate less;

    Live more in the present and less in the past;

    Feel less bad about yourself and more good about yourself. 

    Here at Ocean Red you will find strategies that help you to boost your positives, and in boosting your positives, you will bring into equilibrium the negatives. This is not hard work, this is fun work. It is an exciting adventure that will hold you in good stead for the whole your life.

    Come with us on this adventure and start to be 'Living to be Me'. There is much information here on this website, on our Facebook Page, and on our Instagram. Find fabulous products here, and keep coming back as we bring you new and exciting things to help you in the discovery of your true self and support your in your desire to be happy.

    And if you need some convincing that we are all this incredible and profound video:



    Thank you to the BBC for sharing this video.

    When you understand that we are 90% water and water never disappears it just gets moved around, you can appreciate how we are actually part of all the water that has ever existed in time. The water inside us, that makes up almost all of us, was once inside the ocean, inside a dinosaur, inside a tree. We are part of everything that exists and has existed on this planet, and everything that exists on this planet is part of us too. We are one.

    Channel your wave, overcome your fear and achieve your dreams here